Monday, April 27, 2009

--"The Green House of the Future"

The Wall Street Journal profiles four visions of future homes. Three of them are, frankly, useless. But one thinker was grounded firmly in reality:

"Looking to the future isn't the only way to be innovative. The house from architect Steve Mouzon, of Mouzon Design in Miami Beach, Fla., uses tomorrow's technologies while mining ancient techniques to reduce energy use.

"For instance, solar paneling built directly into the roof and fa├žade provides electricity and hot water. But the house also employs a 'breeze chimney,' an architectural tool used by the ancients, as a kind of old-school air conditioning.

"The difference between the air pressure in the chimney and outside causes hot air to flow out of the chimney stack and cooler air to enter through windows and doors.

"'It must make sense first,' says Mr. Mouzon, a so-called New Urbanist architect who believes in traditional designs that emphasize pedestrian-friendly neighborhoods. His house 'isn't trying to do wild and wacky things with roof shapes or wall shapes but a good sensible building that is highly lovable. It is inventive where it needs to be.'"

Read the whole article here, where a larger plan of the above drawing is also available.

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