Wednesday, September 2, 2009

--From the NYTimes "The Unchilled Life"

A 2005 article from the Brookings Institute suggested that the so-called "Sun Belt" will grow at ten times the rate of the so-called "Snow Belt" as early as 2020. Already, the disparity is close to four times. That means more and more Americans live in areas that, until the advent of air conditioning, were considered practically uninhabitable. So as more and more Americans more into these steamy hot spots, and as rising energy costs threaten the ability of the average American to keep the thermostat as low as he or she might like, what will people do to beat the heat?

According to a recent article from the New York Times, they'll more or less have to rearrange their entire lives and suffer miserably through the summer.

Can nothing be done to prevent this from being a part of your future? Everyone should plan now for even the possibility of life without climate control. If you live in the South, I can't recommend highly enough looking at the innovations featured in the older homes of the region. The world may know the South as one big Front Porch, but that architectural feature is certainly no joke when cooling air and giving homeowners a shady--and cheap!--place to sit while the heat pump sits idly by.

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