Wednesday, October 21, 2009

--From Treehugger: "Green is the New Normal for Architecture"

"Green architecture" is now fetishized to the brink of irrelevancy. This piece today from Treehugger illustrates the problem well. Architects have so completely succumb to the notion that "green" means weird and covered with plants that the public perception is growing ever more entrenched against such buildings in the mainstream.

The soul of green architecture is contended, though not hotly. If architects continue to construct only these eco-monsters, the public conception that green architecture is inherently weird will be solidified. As a result, the opportunity to sell the public on energy-efficiency will be missed. The legacy of turn-of-the-century Green Architecture will be a few dozen bizarre buildings that someone fifty years from now must fight to preserve from demolition once the initial fanfare dies down and from the destructive effects of over-grown vegetation once the initial budget for landscaping is spent up. The legacy will not be livable, lovable spaces that interact well with their environment and are treasured by their owners.

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